We promote safety.  You are required to participate.  It really is not that hard and very inexpensive.  You need to agree to a few simple concepts to use our products and services.

1.  You are over the age of 18, or the legal age of majority in your locale.

2.  If you are buying chemicals they will be used as a Consumer Commodity as defined by DOT guidelines.

3.  No product will be used for immoral or illegal purposes.  You define immoral.  The judge defines illegal.

4.  You understand that the chemicals sold on this site are dangerous if mishandled.  They are highly corrosive and are harmful to humans and animals.

5.  You accept full responsibility for your actions.  That means you are solely responsible for any harm caused to persons or property that may result from the use or misuse, whether intentional or accidental of these products.

6.  You hold harmless Norman McFarling, LLC, Chandler Bio and Arizona Soap Supply, its owners, agents and resellers from any claims of responsibility for your actions.

7.  By the act of purchasing and submitting payment for any items on this site you agree to the above stipulations and request shipment to you at the address of record provided at checkout.