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Oval Lip Balm Tubes

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Oval shaped lip balm Tube for making lip balms

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Oval shaped lip balm Tube for making lip balms

CHANDLER, AZ -- Norman McFarling ships supplies to all over the world from his storefront in Chandler. With an inventory of nearly 4,000 items, he got here by accident.

McFarling began soaping while in Nebraska, using the glycerin byproduct from the bio diesel he was making from waste vegetable oil.

When the biodiesel industry slowed after prices tumbled from the 2008-2009 highs, he looked elsewhere to find something to supplement his Social Security check-- and Arizona Soap Supply was born.

Starting with three oils and two chemicals, Arizona Soap Supply has grown tremendously.

Arizona Soap Supply is the place to go for everything you need to make soap, lotion, salves and balms, bath bombs and shower steamers.

You can also find kits to create for the first time (starting as low as $25) and attend workshops to learn hands-on in the store.

Arizona Soap Supply is holding multiple workshops through the rest of the year.

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