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Soap Making Benefits
Soap Making Benefits
March 23, 2020 12.45pm

By taking the time to make your own soap you will be reaping a lot of benefits that will make the process even more enjoyable and beneficial…let’s review some of those reasons:

It is great for your skin! 

I am a label reader… I enjoy “curling up” with a great list of ingredients for everything from food to the products I put into (and on) my body. What I have found out is the “soap” that is sold in stores isn't really soap. It is a detergent. Look closely and you will find beauty bars and moisturizing bars. Companies can't refer to their products as soap unless it is actually is a result of the chemical reaction between water, lye, fats and oils. This process (saponification) creates soap and glycerin. This is the part that is important: Glycerin is excellent for your skin! Glycerin attracts moisture to your skin and leaves your skin soft and moisturized! The fact that commercial “soaps” remove the glycerin from the final product is a key “miss” in this product. They take it out and put it in things like lotion – that you will surely have to buy since your skin will be so dry and squeaky clean from using their “soap”…(I mean detergent).

Clarity about what you are using on your body.

One thing I love most about making my own soaps is that I know EXACTLY what is going into it. I choose the fats, oils, and everything else. And I know what they are! 

Take a look at the label of just one of the popular examples of a “beauty bar” from the supermarket or even a higher-priced department store. You will find a long list of ingredients that have too many syllables to pronounce and too many letters to spell. At this point, you have to ask yourself, is this stuff really good for me? The answer, of course, is an emphatic “no”.

Most people know that these chemicals are not good for your body. My normal “rule of thumb” is if I know what the ingredient is and that it is a natural ingredient, I will use it. In commercialized soaps, lotions, and cosmetics, water is normally the only natural ingredient. Now you can see why these store-bought “soaps” should be called detergents. Protect your skin by avoiding toxic chemicals and use soothing natural ingredients instead!

Making your own soap saves you money!

What does a package of soap cost you at the store? $1 to $3 per bar? Sometimes even more with popular name brands. When making your own soaps, you can buy oils and fats in bulk. One batch of soap can make 12 bars or even more. After doing a step by step cost break down, the cost of making your own bar of natural, soothing soap can be way less than $1.00 each depending on the oils used. Some highly beneficial oils are more expensive than others. Consider your options and experiment to discover which recipe(s) are preferred.

You can also make money by selling your more beautiful, more unique creations. Those department store detergents that are stamped out by machines can’t begin to compare to your unique creations that have healthier ingredients and are handcrafted.

And you know’s fun!

Seriously, making your own soap – while it may be totally intimidating at first – can be a chore that you’ll look forward to! The process of it all totally fascinates while the finished product is so satisfying. It can be a way to improve your environment, your health (and your pocketbook). This is an amazing “hobby” that will deliver true benefits right away.

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