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Our store stocks soap making supplies for EVERYONE!
Our store stocks soap making supplies for EVERYONE!
February 03, 2016 12.45pm

Arizona Soap Supply is here for all of your soap making needs. Whether it’s one of their essential soap making oils, like palm or coconut oils, or fragrant oils like cinnamon bark or Patchouli oils, they have it all. Arizona Soap Supply also distributes Sodium and Potassium hydroxide, as well as Isopropyl Alcohol.

Also known as NaOH, Sodium Hydroxide is available in 50-pound bags that range from about $60 to $465 dollars, depending on how many bags you are looking to order. This product can also be purchased in a 6.5-gallon bucket or 760-gram bottles.

In order to preserve their fragrance, we ship all of our essential oils in amber glass bottles. These products will need to be stored out of direct sunlight at room temperature to ensure they remains at their best quality.

The people at Arizona Soap Supply often try to combine large orders to defray the cost of shipping for the consumer because of the high price it can actually amount to. Be aware that not all products can be safely shipped together because of their composition and chemical incompatibility.  Arizona Soap Supply, of course, reviews all orders for accuracy before ever charging your credit card.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Arizona Soap Supply with any questions, concerns or comments. They are located at:

Arizona Soap Supply

2050 N Alma School Rd Suite 27

NW corner Alma School and Warner Rd just south of Ace Hardware.

Chandler, AZ 85224

You can also reach them by phone at:

(480) 401-1595

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